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Taylor Stroud
December 28, 2018 | || Meet the Team || | Taylor Stroud

Jake Lustig - The Disney Prince of the Distillery

The Disney Prince

of the Distillery

Everybody, meet Jake – one of Napa Valley Distillery’s newest Tasting Experts at the Oxbow!

Jake was born in Fremont but grew up and still lives in Napa. He graduated from Napa High and went on to study Psychology at Stanislaus State.

Jake has been familiar with the Oxbow Public Market and all those who inhabit it since long before he worked there. His brother Adam worked for Fieldwork Brewing Co. and through him Jake befriended many an Oxbow employee, including some at Napa Valley Distillery! His eventual joining of the team was a natural progression.

Jake was hired as a production assistant in February of 2018 and moved to the Oxbow Tasting Salon in March. He is now a part of the senior staff of the Oxbow retail team. As a part of the team, Jake takes guests and Bar Club Members through spirits tastings and helps them assemble the perfect ingredients for their cocktails at home. He may even be the one to sign you up for our Bar Club!

Jake would like to see Napa Valley Distillery grow and expand – in fact, he would love for the company to release its first agave spirit and/or tequila. That may or may not already be in the works, however… 

But Jake is not picky with what he likes to drink. When he’s out, he orders a bourbon old fashioned. When he’s in, he likes to pop open one of Napa Valley Distillery’s batched Mai Tai cocktails. What you’ll never see Jake request, however, is a vodka shot. 

Jake’s favorite food is Mexican and one of his favorite eats in Napa is Andy’s Café.

His 10-year plan (that he actually considers more of a 5-year plan) is to save enough money to buy a house and start a family.

Come see Jake at the Oxbow Tasting Room for a flight!


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