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Taylor Stroud
May 3, 2019 | || Meet the Team || | Taylor Stroud

Amanda Mizirawi - The Boss of Bar Club

The Boss of

Bar Club

Everyone, meet Amanda – Napa Valley Distillery’s Bar Club and Customer Service Manager!

Amanda was born in Lancaster, California and raised in Sonoma. She started with the company in 2015 as a Bar Club Coordinator and in 2017 moved her way up to being the one in charge of all your Bar Club shipments. Fun fact: Amanda actually interviewed for the job via FaceTime because she had just left for a month-long visit to Palestine! Coordinating the interview with the time difference undoubtedly showed her skills in time management.

As Bar Club manager, Amanda oversees all things Bar Club. She plans and schedules all the moving parts of our Club, including planning and assembling the contents of the shipments (i.e. products, recipe cards, newsletters, etc.), coordinating pick up parties and scheduling shipping. Additionally, she strives to make sure all customers have excellent service at all points of communication, including in-person, over the phone and via email.

She also makes sure our eCommerce experience is aligned with the experience of stepping into our Bar Shop and our Grand Tasting Salon. And, if you live out of the area and enjoy shopping through our website, you can thank Amanda for making sure it’s stocked with product!

Amanda’s favorite place to go out in Napa is Angele. She enjoys their cocktails, wine, French food and cozy, romantic ambiance. Her favorite summer cocktail is a vesper; in the winter, she enjoys a Manhattan, served up. At home, she enjoys Napa Valley Distillery’s Old Hollywood Cocktail as well as our fan favorite Pear Brandy. 

If the Distillery were to make something new, Amanda would like to see something similar to an aged Armenian Cognac (a nod to our co-owners’ Armenian roots!)

If you ever see Amanda at the Grand Tasting Salon, be sure to say hi and thank her for attending to all your Bar Club needs!


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