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Royal Rose Simple Syrups

An amazing company which produces inspiring organic hand crafed cocktail syrups.

So their story goes...

"The story begins in our tiny Brooklyn kitchen during the hot summer of 2010. I was on summer break from my job as a public elementary school teacher, and decided to can some fresh local peaches that I’d picked up at the Park Slope Food Co-op. Forrest asked me if he could use the leftover syrup to make some cocktails. A former bartender and bar manager in Detroit and beyond, he’d been experimenting with different syrups for cocktails all summer.  I jumped in and added some black pepper, basil, and vanilla bean. The syrup was a huge hit at the Bushwick bar Forrest worked at that night, and the rest is history."

At Royal Rose, we have a passion for delicious cocktails. We believe that using the best-quality, whole ingredients in our syrups makes the difference between an ordinary drink and a superior cocktail. We hand-make every ounce of our syrup in small batches, using only whole ingredients, 100% organic and fair-trade sugar, and filtered water.

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/ 16oz / 473ml bottle
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