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Morris Kitchen

Morris Kitchen is a Brooklyn based company that began in 2009 with a simple idea to create and share food. We make a variety of classic and seasonal syrups to be used in cocktails and cooking. 

Our products contain at least 50% American ingredients. We use seasonal New York apples, rhubarb and honey. We puree, juice, steep and preserve produce with salt and cane sugar, allowing us to create innova- tive recipes year round. 

all natural / vegan / gluten free / made in USA 

The versatility of our syrups inspires adventure in the bar and kitchen. Combine one part syrup to five parts sparkling water for a homemade soda. Make cocktails by mixing with liquor, and fresh citrus. Pour over ice cream and fruit and yogurt, use as a marinade for meat or fish, and create salad dressings.