Bradley’s Tonic Co.

Created in June of 2013 after a very successful Kickstarter Campaign, Bradley’s Tonic Co. has been creating the world’s finest craft tonic syrup with intent to bring back the glory days of the Gin & Tonic. The tonic is made completely by hand in Seattle, Washington by Bradley himself along with the help some incredibly generous friends.

Everything is made from scratch the old-fashioned way. The equipment is simple and the tasks are manual. Ingredients are meticulously selected and imported exclusively for this tonic, which gives way to a truly unique experience. No extracts, “flavorings,” or high-fructose corn syrup are used in the process. I don’t think we need to explain why.

The business is growing rapidly and expanding to foreign countries as folks find that there really can be more to a Gin & Tonic than just an uneventful clear cocktail. If you haven’t tried this tonic yet, you’re truly missing out on this modern reinvention of an important classic cocktail filled with spice and history.

Bradleys - Barrel Aged Kina Tonic Syrup Image

Rich. Elegant. Sexy. Finally, a G&T exclusivley for those with a thirst for adventure.

In a day and age when folks are barrel aging everyting from cocktial bitters, and cocktails to maple syrup, we are glad the Bradley's chose this route.

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/ 8oz / 237ml bottle
Bradleys - Kina Tonic Syrup Image

Where others go for powdered quinine or "tonic flavorings", Bradley went right to the source and created this tonic from whole spices, real citrus oil, and exclusively imported Peruvian cinchona bark. This stuff is the real deal.

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/ 8oz / 237ml bottle