Regency Bitters

Brighton Bartender gets a trio of bitters onto the market!

 The Regency Bitters range initially consists of three products – all bottled at 55% abv.  The first, Juniper & Apricot, is intended for use with gin-based drinks. Bracingly bitter,  and yet with some generous fruitiness, they’re bright and fresh. 

 The Coffee & Ginger is right on the other end of the scale – dark, warming and spicy,  from its excellent coffee aroma to the ginger heat on the palate, with a lingering  gentian-like bitterness. 

 There’s no doubting the Bourbon Oak (formerly Maple) Smoked Mango’s affinity to  rum – with funky pot still notes combining with some sweet fruit, and quite subtle  smoke. This would be right at home in a tiki bar.

The range is produced together with local company Latin Spirits, and supported by the similarly local Small Batch Coffee Company and Blackdown Artisan Spirits.