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DRAM Apothecary

Shae Whitney- Founder, Herbal Alchemist
A native to Colorado, Shae Whitney grew up on the plains and prairies amongst the rolling sage and musty pines where she developed a curious admiration for species of the plant kingdom. She then took this love and paired it with her years of experience as a bartender to create the recipes that are the heart of DRAM.

A collegiate background in Food Science, Ecological Agriculture and Botany has also greatly influenced her work with DRAM Apothecary.

At DRAM we believe that the inclusion of bitter plants and herbs into our everyday diet is essential for vibrant health and agreeable digestion. All of our products have been designed to offer the healing benefits of various plants while still tasting wonderful enough for use in cocktails and the kitchen.

We are proud to offer a supremely special line of goods made from organic and wild Colorado herbs which we forage ourselves from the surrounding terrain. You will not find synthetic dyes, flavorings, preservatives or flavor oils in anything we produce.

All goods are packaged using recyclable or biodegradable materials, as it is important to us to leave a delicate imprint on the earth, while still enjoying life's pleasures.

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