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Bear Root Bitters

Bear Root Bitters is named after the behavior of Grizzly Bears in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton area. When making their bitters, they use many of the same roots and botanicals Grizzly Bears use to kick start their digestion after coming out of hibernation.

Bear Root Bitters is a collaboration between wildcraft organic ingredients, selective recipes, and a passion for enhancing the experience of a cocktail. Sustainability is the forefront of their company, accomplished by selective harvest methods that leave the landscape intact.

Their goal is to provide products that are fresh, elegant, and environmentally affable. Many of the ingredients are gathered from the earth in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and are assorted into well-balanced bitters that leave your palate pleasantly bewildered. Bitters have existed for centuries throughout the world and it is a thrill to revive this ancient art in an innovative craft.