Tomr's Tonic

Founder and chief formulist Tom Richter had an epiphany while mixing his gazillionth gin and tonic. The flavor of the expensive gin the customer ordered was all but destroyed by the fructose sugar and synthetic quinine based tonic. He went home that night and immediately started tinkering with recipes and in 2007 he had his formula. Richter began serving it at the bar he was working and customers loved it, so much that were soon buying bottles to take home. Bartenders and Bar Managers heard about a unique tonic being made by a guy named Tom. They began inundating Richter with orders so they could serve it at their bars. And a business was born.

Our focus is on massive flavor, not mass manufacturing. We would rather create a complex beverage in limited quantities then bulk produce a homogenized product that is devoid of passion, creativity and most of all taste. We want to provide you with a uniquely satisfying experience that is unmatched by anything in the marketplace.

We take time to carefully nurture every batch and use only the finest all natural and organic ingredients. The result is a beverage that delights, satisfies and is without equal.