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TRUE Syrups & Garnishes was founded out of a humble kitchen in Washington, DC in 2014 by a passionate cook and cocktail lover.

Inspired by the cocktail revival in the US, they wanted to make natural mixers that hearken back to the days before chemicals, when everyone knew their bartender by name.

Even though they've outgrown their humble origins and now operate out of Mess Hall, a food incubator space in Northeast D.C., they are still determined to make high-quality, small-batch mixers that bring out the nuanced flavors in specialty cocktails.

True Syrups & Garnishes believe you deserve to have a drink the way it is meant to be, with authentic cocktail ingredients not loaded with chemicals and fake additives.

True Syrups & Garnishes - Grenadine Syrup

A small batch Grenadine Syrup is made from real pomegranate juice and cane sugar.

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle
True Syrups & Garnishes - Tonic Syrup

TRUE Tonic Syrup is made with high-quality ingredients, replacing commercial tonic's high fructose corn syrup and chemically-sourced quinine

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle
True Syrups & Garnishes - Ginger Syrup

TRUE Authentic Ginger Syrup

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True Syrups & Garnishes - Kola Syrup

True kola replaces the high fructose corn syrup of commercial kola with demerara sugar, which brings great molasses notes and texture to cocktails and sodas.

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/ 12.7oz / 375ml bottle